What Are the Top Tips for Stowing my Mower for Winter?

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Q: What Are the Top Tips for Stowing
my Mower for Winter? 

Fall us upon us and winter will be here in no time! Make sure your mower is correctly stowed for winter so it's in great shape and ready to go next season. Learn proper mower storage below, and contact us directly with any questions!

Freshen your Fuel

If your mower's fuel tank still has gasoline in it, run it dry safely outdoors. If you choose to leave gas in the tank over the winter, add fresh gasoline and a fuel stabilizer. (Treatment and stabilizer prevents the gas from going stale and degrading over winter. This leads to corrosion and a clogged engine carburetor.)

Change your Oil

If you haven't changed your oil last years, be sure not to skip it! Changing your oil change prior to winter storage with clear your engine of debris and dirt and properly lubricate the engine for an easy start come spring.

Clean your Deck and Blades

Using a pressure washer or hose, spray away old dirt and grass that has built up on your mower deck and blades over the past season. Without proper cleaning, this gunk will impede your mower blade and ruin the quality of future cuts.

Take Out your Battery

If you have a battery-powered mower, be sure to take out your battery and clean the terminals before winter. If your battery is still in good condition, store it over the witner in a cool, dry place. (Outdoor storage and extreme tempurations may cause battery and terminal corrosion.)

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