What Fall Clean-Up Tool is Best for Me?

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Q: What Fall Clean-Up Tool is Best for Me?

The falling leaves can be overwhelming. It seems just as you're finished gathering your yard's leaves, only a day or so later there is a new layer of leaves to clean up. Which method of yard clean-up is the most efficient so you can save time and energy? You have a few options. Discover which fall clean-up method is best for you and your property below!

Raking: The Classic Option

There's no glamor in raking, but it is efficient and easily stored. Unlike rakes of years' past, many modern rakes provide an ergonomic shape, featuring a bent handle to ease your back, a foam-cushioned handle to prevent blisters, and a wider rake to cut down on time.

There are even expanding rakes which allow you to use the widest bow to rack the lawn and narrow the bow to get between bushes or structures. They've even developed 'clog-free' rakes!

A rake is your timeless, easily-stored option, but one that does require a little elbow grease.

Lawn Mower Attachments: Bag and Go!

Attaching a bagging system to your lawn mower is a great option, especially if you're tackling a huge property or are suffering from aches or injuries. A leaf bagger makes your life much easier, as you simply attach it to your existing mower and collect leaves as you go. There is a risk of clogging if the leaves are wet though! So be sure to let all leaves dry out first or you'll be busy unclogging your system for a while.

All in all, a bagging system attachment saves your back, but requires a lawn mower or tractor and diligence when by for your leaves to dry out first.

Blowers/Vacuums: Ideal for your Driveway

Using a hand held leaf blower or vacuum is a staple in suburbia. However, they tend to be loud, heavy, and sometimes a bit smelly. They do get the job done though. Blower/vacuums do a nice job of shredding dry leaves and quickly clearing driveways and sidewalks. Just like the bagging attachments, however, don't try this method on wet leaves!

A blower/vacuum may be your best option if you don't mind a little weight on your shoulders and want to clear your driveway/path efficiently.

Still not sure which method fits you and your property? Contact us with all your yard clean-up questions today! 

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