How Often Should I Change My Lawn Mower Oil?

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Q: How Often Should I Change My Lawn Mower Oil?

Taking proper care of your lawn mower will help your machine run well for years to come. One overlooked aspect in lawn mower maintenance is how frequent oil changes should take place. Engine oil and oil filters should be replaced at least once every spring or summer, or every 50 hours of use - whichever comes first.

Follow these Steps to Change your Lawn Mower’s Oil:

Step One: Getting Started

Begin by starting your lawn mower’s engine to let it warm up for about 60 seconds. After turning off the engine, disconnect the spark plug wire to ensure your lawn mower doesn’t accidentally start while you’re working. With a towel or rag, clean old oil and dirt from the dip stick shaft and drain plug areas. Following clean-up, remove the dip stick.

Step Two: Draining the Oil

If you’re changing the oil on a push mower, begin by propping up the mower deck so the spark plug is facing up. Place the oil-safe container underneath the mower. With a socket wrench, unscrew the oil plug counterclockwise until oil can escape. Empty the oil from your mower into an oil-safe container.

Step Three: Replacing the Oil Filter

Begin by locating the oil filter on your lawn mower or tractor. Twist the oil filter counterclockwise to remove it. Inspect the seal of the oil filter for any dirt or debris and clean it off. Using new engine oil, lubricate the clean sealing gasket so that it appears clean. Once it appears clean and well-lubricated, place the new oil filter into the filter adapter and screw it back into place by hand. Using a wrench, tighten the oil filter.

Step Four: Refilling the Engine Oil

Without overfilling, pour the recommended amount of oil directly into the hole where the oil fill plug goes. Once your new oil is inside the lawnmower engine, replace the oil fill plug or dip stick. Wipe the dip stick clean before inserting it back into the dip stick shaft. Finally, pull the dip stick back out to make sure the oil level is correct.

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