How do I properly maintain My Chainsaw?

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Q: How do I Properly Maintain my Chainsaw?

Make sure you're cutting with a sharp, properly-chained saw this season. Find our four top chainsaw maintenance tips below, and contact us with any questions!

Stay Sharp

Don't waste time and effort trying to force a dull chain through wood. Make sure your chain is sharp by getting it professionally sharpened, or give it a go if you're the DIY-type. However, chain sharpening is an artform itself, so if you're not 100% confident in the job, consulting a professional is probably your best option.

Avoid Slack

If your saw's chain is too tight, the saw can bind, stall, and/or overheat. When you adjust your chain, hold the tip of the bar up as far as it can go and tighten the tensioning screw until the underside of the bar has no slack.

Break it in

If your chain is new, breaking it in is a must. First, soak the chain in a bar and oil for a couple hours. This will make sure all the pivot points are lubricated well. Then hang the chain from a nail and let the extra oil drip into the pan.

Install your new chain, apply proper tension, and run it until it's warm. The chain loosens with heat, so turn off the saw and tension the chain once again. Finally, perform some light-duty work, like trimming small branches, for a half an hour. Tension the chain a third time and you're ready for heavy-duty application.

New Air Filter, New Gasoline

Keep the air filter clean to extend your saw life and improve performance. The air filter is the only line of defense in preventing sawdust and dirt from entering the engine!

If you don't use your chainsaw every or every-other day, consider using new oil upon use. As gas/oil ages as your chainsaw sits on a shelf, the gasoline starts to break down in as little as a month. This creates gum and varnish that plugs the carburetor and results in difficult starts and bad running.

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